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Intel Mini PC… Fully Loaded with Windows 10? Don’t mind if I do!

Want the performance of a full sized PC without the size? Look no further..

Whether you’re looking for a reliable PC, entertainment hub or a group of PC’s to link to the Office server, the Intel NUC really ticks the boxes. It’s a great alternative to the desktop PC as it’s small and portable but has all the benefits of the box under the desk.

Within this range Intel has three great options all with Windows 10 Home, 4GB of memory, a 1TB HDD accelerated to SSD speeds by Intel’s 16GB Optane memory accelerator card. Choose from the NUC7I3BNHXF, NUC7I5BNHXF or the mighty NUC7I7BNHXF which comes with a 2TB HDD and 8GB of RAM built in. All you need to do is simply plug in and you’re ready to go.

Last year we started to stock and supply Intel NUC’s as we wanted to be involved in the fasted growing market segment in the PC world. With year on year growth of over 25% and a digital signage market that’s worth over $16 billion, there is plenty of opportunity to stock and supply a range of Intel NUC’s. The market place is really in its infancy and we see it going from strength to strength.

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