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Intel I5-9400F – In stock, ready to ship, market leading pricing

Want an Intel I5 cpu? On a budget? Look no further!

Intel’s GT0 or “F” sku’s are a mainstream part of a well established billion dollar market, traditionally Intel have always launched their desktop CPU’s with discrete graphics onboard. The discrete graphic taking up more than 50% of the silicon the CPU has been physically written on. Removing the discrete Graphics has enable Intel to make the same CPU on a smaller form of silicon allowing for reduced pricing in an ever increasingly competitive market.

Some questioned this move, but it has allowed faster production to meet growing demands, more production to help fulfill the shortages that have been in the market for the last 12 months and now freed up more silicon for higher end server Xeon processors where the huge increase for data centre (DC) has been created by the ever increasing demand for smart phones. Google, Apple, Youtube all require huge data storage which puts immense demand on Intel’s capability to provide high end Xeon processors for the DC to operate.

Creating GT0 “f” sku’s allows more silicon to be allocated to the higher end cpu’s and promotes growth in the global market.

As a result of less silicon used in mainstream work horse processors like the I5-9400F Intel has reduced the cost and make them more accessible for the end consumer. Lucky you, lucky us – lets take advantage!