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A business PC might be sufficient to run standard word processing, email, and presentation applications.
But today’s power users, from engineers and architects to media and entertainment creators, work with compute and data-intensive workload levels, most traditional PCs simply are not up to the task to deal with.

Workstations powered by Intel® Xeon® W-2200 processors deliver the ground breaking technology, performance, and scalability to handle these users’ workloads.

Boost productivity with Intel® workstation platforms
Intel® Xeon® platform-based workstations provide intelligent performance across a range of demanding use cases, from computer-aided design to number-crunching to video editing, so professionals can do more.

Up to 2.6x better

compute-intensive app performance
vs. a 3-year-old system1>
Slash wait time with pure performance – Time-bound tasks keep users from moving on to the next job. With up to 2.6x better compute-intensive application performance vs. a 3-year-old system, workstations powered by Intel® Xeon® W-2200 processors deliver the performance power users need to get the job done.1

Up to 1 TB DDR4-2933
support with Error Correcting Code memory>
Keep systems up and running – Undetected memory errors in traditional PCs can cause hangs and crashes at the worst possible moment, compromising hours of productivity. Workstations are engineered for error detection and data integrity with Error-Correcting Code (ECC) memory and Reliability, Accessibility, and Serviceability (RAS) support.

Up to 72 platform PCIe* 3.0 lanes
for expandability on all Intel® Xeon® W-2200 processor SKUs>
Scale to meet business needs – Power users need multiple graphics cards, larger storage devices, and network controllers with unconstrained I/O performance, but PC expandability is limited. Workstations bring next-gen connectivity to scale as business needs grow.

Choose a workstation system that delivers the power, performance, security, and reliability power users require—along with expanded platform capabilities for VFX, 3D rendering, complex 3D CAD, financial analysis, and AI development.