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In this 21st Century, we are a fast-paced generation. We want it NOW and we want it FAST.

In this article we will walk you through some of the key differences between Intel’s latest three processors, helping you to choose the best for your customer’s needs.

Intel 10th Generation Processors – AKA Comet Lake-S

With an optimal balance of frequency, cores, Hyper-Threading and threads, advanced tuning support, and blazing connectivity, Intel’s 10th Generation CPUs offers an immersive experience for gamers, streamers, creators, and mainstream users alike.

One of the key features of the 10th Gen is that they automatically adapt to the work being undertaken and direct power to the peripherals that require it the most. The integrated Wi-Fi 6, along with Thunderbolt 3 Technology, provides fast, reliable, and stable wired and wireless connectivity. The new graphics architecture is designed to support vivid visuals such as 4k HDR videos and 1080p gaming, which allows the user to have an immersive visual experience altogether.

Intel 11th Generation Processors – AKA Rocket Lake

Based on a core new architecture, Intel’s 11th Generation processors are a significant upgrade over the 10th Gen in terms of performance, creation, and everyday use. These processors are the first to feature Intel Iris XE graphics and feature up to 20 PCIe lanes for the latest discrete GPU. In addition, they are equipped with an enhanced AI-based intelligent performance system that boosts productivity when using creative or other applications. With the AI-enhanced performance and Iris XE graphics, your processor can now deliver stunning and vivid graphics in terms of graphic design, video rendering, and video editing etc.

Furthermore, the 25W 11th Generation Intel Core processors tend to map out exceptional frame rates and can be overclocked to deliver even higher performance levels when you need it most. These next-Gen processors meet the IoT demands of both commercial and industrial applications.

Intel 12th Generation Processors – AKA Alder Lake-S

Intel’s 12th Generation processors mark Intel’s latest release and with it comes a hybrid design that comprises of two cores, namely a processing core and an efficiency core. The 12th Gen offers complete support to both PCIe Gen 5 and PCIe Gen 4 followed by DDR5 and DDR4 memory. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to integrate both DDR5 and DDR4 on the same board. These Alder Lake chips are designed explicitly to support a total of 16 cores and 24 threads followed by a 30MB L3 cache. The Alder Lake’s scalable architecture is fully available inside laptops and desktops that come with pre-installed Windows 11.

Given its hybrid design, the 12th Generation processors offer unparalleled performance on all fronts.


From 10th Generation providing elite performance at real world prices, 11th Generation bringing you massive power to the latest and best in class; the 12th Generation Alder Lake processors which are the CPUs on EVERY serious gamers Christmas list! When you have so many great processor options, the only question you need to ask yourself is; which Generation will my clients choose?

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