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Pro Performance for all you do with workstations powered by Intel new 12th Gen processors

Professionals across key industries such as engineering, media and entertainment, and finance need the right equipment to meet their intense workload demands at every turn.

Loaded with industry-first features, 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors introduce breakthrough core technology based on a brand new hybrid architecture. And for the first time, Error-Correcting Code (ECC) memory—previously only available on Intel® Xeon® W processors—is now enabled on 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors.

With all that built in to one powerful chip, 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors are designed to deliver performance, data integrity, and system reliability for even the most demanding professionals.

Efficient-cores (E-cores) are optimized for multi-threaded performance, minimizing interruptions from background tasks.

Intel® Thread Director prioritizes and manages workloads, sending tasks to the best core for the job.
Intel® W680 Chipset-based motherboards enable professional-grade features and technologies designed to deliver advanced, reliable, and secure workstation performance.5
ECC Memory, newly enabled on 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, helps improve data integrity and system reliability for your most critical tasks.1

Accelerated Platform Innovation

Intel vPro® technology
Newly designed 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors are Intel vPro® platform-eligible, so you can get the latest business-class PC technologies integrated in one validated solution.

Powerful Performance across Industries
12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor-based workstations are designed with pro performance for all you do, from intense engineering tasks and financial services workloads to next-level professional creation.