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Think You Know What Small Can Do? Think Again.

Whether your customers are home consumers or small businesses, there is an Intel® NUC system to meet the needs of value-oriented buyers who need basic functionality at an affordable price—all in a small package that’s about 4 inches square.

The Intel® Celeron® Processor: Where Performance Meets Value in Two Different Configurations
The features customers expect in a customizable kit

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The Intel NUC7CJYHN Kit with a dual-core Intel Celeron processor comes with dual Ultra HD 4K display support via two full-sized HDMI ports, and consumer infrared. They’ve got everything they need to stream media, play, or finish that last-minute presentation.

Intel® HD Graphics with dual 4K ports lets your customers display information in brilliant 4K and keeps eyes from tiring on systems used as PC replacements. 4K also adds crisp definition and clarity to images and messages on entry-level digital signage.

A complete Mini PC with Windows® 10 installed
Ready to go straight out-of-the-box, Intel NUC7CJYSN is a complete Mini PC with all the features of the NUC7CJYHN Kit, in the same 4-inch square chassis. The system has Windows® 10 installed on 32 GB of on-board flash storage and 4 GB of DDR4 RAM, so customers can experience this entry-level Mini PC without any additional components.

Because the NUC7CJYSN is a complete system, you can sell across the value chain with no additional work, allowing you to focus on where you add the most value: in service, support, and expert consultation. You can generate additional services and sales of peripherals and software. Room for an extra channel of RAM and a 2.5″ SSD or a high-capacity HDD for more storage can also lead to additional sales.

The Intel® Pentium® Silver Processor: Intel’s Newest Processor Brand in an Intel NUC Kit
The Intel NUC7PJYHN Kit with a quad-core Intel Pentium Silver processor has the reliable performance your customers have come to expect from Intel, and is also perfect for everyday computing tasks, delivering the performance they need, including up to 55 percent better performance on Windows applications.1

The NUC7PJYHN Kit also comes with dual Ultra HD 4K display support via two full-sized HDMI ports and consumer infrared; they’ve got everything they need to stream media, play, or finish that last-minute presentation. And with 3.2x better graphics,2 you can create robust entry-level digital signage at entry-level prices for your SMB customers.

Deep Customization Capabilities on Both Kits
The NUC7CJYHN Kit and the NUC7PJYHN Kit are both designed for Windows 10, but you have the choice to install the OS, memory, and hard drive you want so you can create the exact systems that your customers need. From PC replacement to entry-level digital signage, you can build a Mini PC that does exactly what your customers need it to do.

With support for up to 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, clients can stream media without stuttering and multitask with ease. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports including a USB charging port—which can let you generate additional peripheral sales for USB keyboards, mice, and printers.

Finally, internal headers, including AUX_PWR and CEC, allow for deep customization for PC-like embedded systems.

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