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About Us

In May 2001 Platinum was founded with the mission statement to “ensure ethical sourcing and supplying of the highest quality products at competitive prices, all underpinned with award winning customer service”.

As a company and individuals we were young, enthusiastic, determined and fiercely ambitious. We were also three guys working from a bedroom!

I’m proud to say through some steep learning curves we’ve grown, scaled and continue to deliver the results year on year. What has held true since day one is our belief that by building partnerships over accounts, and delivering value over short term profits yields a greater outcome in the long run. We’ve learnt to do this effectively and with integrity, giving time, trust and a commitment to supplying with a world of difference.

What’s a world of difference you ask, well as we continue to dissect the supply chain management process we’ve grown to recognise and keenly promote each aggregate gain possible through service, finance, freight, pricing, procurement and exchange rate management to name but the headline acts. It’s a blueprint we now apply for all our partners working with us. We view ourselves as partners with our clients, suppliers, employees and our community and our goals remain moderate growth, annual profitability and maintaining our sense of humour.

In a small back bedroom in 2001 we applied these principles with 3 local clients, we now deliver IT solutions to partners spanning in excess of 30 countries.

Welcome to a world of difference.

Platinum A world of difference Your benefit
Industry Experts Spotting trends Cost saving
Market leaders Know how Value Add
Foreign Exchange Risk management Competitive Advantage
Global Coverage Insurance / Banking / Freight Integrity
Service 24 / 7 Time senstiive
Reliabilty Established 2001 Peace of Mind

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