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Technology moves fast and so do we. It’s a well-used phrase, but it is an expectation our clients have of us and one we pride ourselves on meeting. From spending time in face-to-face client meetings, being available out of hours and having the latest information we make sure we are able to cater for a wide range of clients.

Here are the client types we currently partner with. Find your company type below and you will see how we can fit with your company.

System Builders

From the small to the large, Platinum are focussed on working in partnership with all pc assemblers. Whether building for a large education project or a specific gaming pc we understand all pc assemblers have a budget to achieve.
By working in partnership we gain an understanding of what pc needs to be built to what price point, that way we ensure we deliver the right products, at the right time, at the right price! Not only do we work to supply our partners on time, we also work to help at the end of a project when excess or dated stock need to be turned back into cash flow. Our two way partnership truly develops a strong platform for continued business and growth of both companies.

Distribution supplying the breadth of the IT market

Distributer’s profiles are vast and need careful management. With the trends in IT changing regularly no distributer wants to be left holding out of date stock tying up cash flow that could be spent on the latest products. With Global supply and market knowledge Platinum have early warning of what new products Vendors are launching and when transition from new to old is happening. In turn Platinum are well placed to advise when to run stock lines down to prepare for the new. This coupled with early knowledge of potential price drops and our volume purchasing power we work hard to ensure our distribution partners buy the fastest moving lines at the right price and are not left holding old stock in a falling market.


It’s a competitive market and one of the first places anyone checks before buying is online. This is the where the e-tailer is king. Price, service and simplicity of ordering is an e-tailer’s realm, in what is one of the fastest growing market sectors in IT. Platinum work closely with the e-tail market to ensure they have the latest product at the sharpest prices. Our high stock levels help during peak and troughs the e-tailer faces throughout the year. Whether a newly launched product or an honoured favourite, we keep the stock so your business can focus on sales and delivery without the worry of dated stock lines.

Value Added Resellers – VARS

Where a standard PC is not enough the VAR steps in. Whether hardware or software upgrade or full built PC, Platinum work in harmony to offer the best upgrade parts, specific PC or software that truly adds value to a VARs offering. Using our purchasing power, own small pc build capabilities and global connections we can ensure you get the part’s or pc you need at a price that meets your budget in order to maintain an healthy profitability whilst keeping your clients happy.


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